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7 Sins : Lost in Labyrinth is ready!


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To ye all naughty Sinners, Welcome to “7 Sins : Lost in Labyrinth” A Survival Horror Game, based on the Cutie Characters and World of 7 Sexy Sins Series. You have but one goal: survive and escape the hellish mazes! Find the secrets and beware of the jump scares that will shake into your naughty heart!

After graduated from High School, The "7 Sins" Girls have all left on their separate paths. During a summer holiday, they decide to have a bikini reunion party at the seaside. Chilling around the campfire, in the dead silence of night and with the cold wind blowing, each of them start telling a spooky story each. After going to sleep, something unexpected and horrifying happens.ADVANTAGES

  • "Procedurally generated Maze" for Fresh Experiences on each Playthrough.

  • "Use cool items" and discover to play pranks on or support your friends.

  • "Ghosts of 7 Sins" will have their own otherworldly stage and unique gimmicks to threaten players, who will have to be very cunning and intuitive to evade their hunters.

  • “Third-person pov” We understand that 1st-person games populated by this sub-genre can lead to motion sickness, and therefore we designed the game to utilize a 3rd-Person for more comfort while experiencing the horror and excitement at the same time.

  • "More than 8 types of Special Missions" Which will grant unique experiences based on their Combination on each Playthrough.

  • "Moe Cutie Girls" in their Bikinis, with eye-catching Boob Jiggling Physics to entertain ye naughty players!


  • Co-op 2~4 players

  • PVP 2 players

  • Solo

  • Camera Mode

Players can find hidden stuffs that are not visible via standard POV. Certain Horrors and Clues can only be seen via Camera's Lens. Players can utilize Photo Mode at any time they wish.

  • Unlock characters and dress them up in the sexy bikinis of your choice!

  • Take photos to temporarily stun the ghosts, or collect photos of the girls in various poses. And forever keep these photos in your naughty mind!

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